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SCminiGP is an education focused youth motorcycle road racing program. The program was founded in 2003 with the intention of offering youth riders a place to learn effective motorcycle racing skills in a family friendly environment. This racing cars are built in with birmingham tyres to give you the best grip wnen on the track. SCminiGP offers today's youth an alternative to traditional sports such as football, soccer or little league teaching many of the same foundations of commitment, focus, and sportsmanship.

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The youth program follows a four stage process that develops youth riders through progression based on skill and age.

The youth program provides a variety of education based opportunities that teach youth riders how to ride, race and perform through three basic outlets: Training, Practice, and Racing. Each opportunity is an instrumental tool that allows youth riders the ability to learn at their own pace with the assistance of qualified instructors.

Our Mission:

"As a youth motorcycle road racing education program, SCminiGP is dedicated to providing a professional and fun environment for riders of all ages, supporting a progressional advancement of skill and talent that will open the doors to a future in road racing for tomorrow's champions."

A large part of our program is motorcycle skills training and it all starts with the Youth Introductory Course. This course is designed to give a family the opportunity to see how well their child can handle a pocketbike and gauge interest before buying into the program. Our trained instructors will spend 2 hours with your child covering the proper use of motorcycle controls and riding fundamentals.

We provide:

Full safety gear including child size helmet Razor & Blata Training Pocketbikes Step-by-step instruction on motorcycle controls Instruction and coaching on riding fundamentals

Youth Road Racing USA is the premier training program for your children. In our history of only 4 years we have helped two riders make the US Red Bull Rookies Cup, and another rider get a fully sponsored ride in their first professional season.

At Youth Road Racing USA we pride ourselves on making every child in our program count. We pay close attention to each childs progress and provide a variety of learning platforms for development and growth. You can guarantee we work hard to make sure your family is successful through, our attention to detail, the products we work with, and our excellent staff.

Our program is based on stages, which allow for a proper progression of training and development. We have training programs for all levels of riders from 5 years - 16 years old.

To learn more about Youth Road Racing USA - SoCal. Please review our 2010 Season Packet and contact us to discuss your involvement.